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Welcome To Our GP And Relationships Series

Welcome To Our GP And Relationships Series

This has been a long time coming, to be honest. this idea came to me such a long time ago to try and write about GP and a romantic relationship blog post. I realised though that there was so much to say it was going to take more than one post. There were no other people out there talking about it that I could find so I thought maybe to do a trilogy and yet again there was still more to say. So it has now turned into this series.

It has grown so much bigger than I ever thought it would and have had input from so many people. That means this isn't all just from one perspective which is what I wanted so this is a more generalised outlook on a good few relationships. I am always banging on about support networks and if you have a partner they will be a big part of that. If you live together you will probably see more of them than anyone else and therefore rely on them more too.

However you don't need to be in a relationship to cope with GP there are so many other people who love you that you can do it either way. I have now done it both ways and survived both in a relationship and being single.

Relationships are a very personal thing and no one can ever know what truly goes on from the outside looking in. So we have just covered a wide range of topics and tried to mention as much as we could to help you all across the board. 

We hope you enjoy this and it is something your partner can also look at also, maybe you can find this helpful. We have a lot of ground to cover so let's just get started, shall we? 

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