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Medical Intervention

In this section, we discuss the role of self-management as a way of reducing added stressors and triggers. The best we are able to manage our own condition the easier it is to adjust to the many changes we face.

Here are a few tips to help get you started. 


As mentioned in the previous section, oral nutritional intake is not always possible and medical intervention may be needed to help you maintain a healthy weight.

It is a daunting prospect for anyone facing the decision to have feeding tubes placed and GIFT is here especially to help patients requiring nutritional therapy as a result of gastroparesis.

We have further information on types of tubes, feeds and the procedures involved in our Tube feeding guide.

Not everyone who has gastroparesis will require artificial feeding and there are several medications which can help reduce symptoms. Talk to your GP or Gastric consultant to find a combination that suits you.  

There are a few surgical options for gastroparesis but these need to be given careful consideration as they have such varied results. Find out more on our Treatments page. Alternatively, join our Support Group to talk to others in similar situations.

Gastroparesis friendly diets - Low FODMAP

Plan Ahead