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The Sick Role

The Sick Role

I know I've rather slowed down with the writing. I always have plenty to say but sometimes I need to keep things to myself a bit. However, I do realise that not writing means that you guys miss out on all my wonderfully happy stories! So I thought I would top you up with the joys of my life and all the little challenges it brings. Today I'm merely ranting out loud but I promise to post a more personal blog soon....

I've been thinking a lot lately about other people's perception of what my life entails. Obviously not those who actually take the time to find out, those who send me messages because they've not heard from me in a guys are fine! No, I'm talking about those who choose to judge from a thousand paces purely on the fact that you have put a little make-up on!

Just want to get this out there... YOU GUYS SUCK! Big time!

What is it with this obsession that sick people must be:

a) Miserable
(sick people obviously NEVER smile)

b) Pale 
(anything warmer than Casper the ghost and your obviously fit and healthy)

c) Unable to walk
(omg...your not chained to the house?)

d) Totally useless
(what, you can still do that...really?)

Just a few of my personal favourites but you get the idea. Well, maybe when you have flu, you behave like that for a couple of weeks. Take a day or so off work and hide under the duvet and it works for you, right? Yeah...

Now relate that to my life...

a) Do I want to spend the rest of my LIFE being miserable?
b) Do I want everyone I meet to tell me I look like Morticia Adams?
c) Do I want to live my life, or rot my brain on day time TV?
d) Everyone needs a purpose!

I don't want to spend my life hiding away in a duvet fort, looking like shit, crying all day feeling sorry for myself because I'm so useless. Maybe you like to do that when your sick for a day or two but if that was forever...would that still be your strategy?

Of course not!


So why judge me negatively for trying to do as much as I'm able, smile as much as I can and try even though I might fail. It's my choice to fight back, whether you like it or not. Simply because I choose not to let it beat me does not mean that I am well. I merely choose not to share my pain with people who will never's too short!

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