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Love Yourself

True self-love is hard to achieve in the world that we live in and we forget that as humans we are not perfect we have flaws, tonnes of them in fact. However you also have so much that is amazing about you, nobody does you like you do. You don't have to think you are wonderful and perfect but you do need to know your self-worth. Don't settle for anything less than what you want because you deserve to give yourself the best chance you can.

                    "Thats why self love and self worth are at an all time low"

We live in a society where you can be judged so quickly especially on looks, all it takes is one swipe on Tinder to make you feel ugly. There are those who think because they are behind a keyboard they can say some terrible things yet they are being said to a real human being. Cyber bullying is growing and becoming worse it can be relentless and people have taken their own lives over this issue. 

No wonder we are seeing a generation of people developing FOMO (a fear of missing out) who share their every move online and as constantly surrounded by these perfect looking people no wonder self-love and self-worth are at an all time low. We need to think about what we are showing young people and who their role models are, Self Love is a message that needs to be spread more.

It's true what they say that you have to love yourself before anyone else can truly love all of you. You need to learn to depend on yourself to make you happy not those around you. This is so much easier said than done and I am still working on it all the time. You have to make the decisions YOU want for YOUR life, not anyone else, after all it is you that has to live the life you have created for yourself.

We can become so afraid to show the world who we really are that people just hide it away. Does it not shock you that humans would rather die than show a different side to themselves because of what others thought or said ? We are so scared of being judged or that others will look down on you and that shakes your self love even further . Is this really a world that you want to live in? because I know I don't.

 "You have to make decisions YOU want for YOUR life."

I'm proud that I have worked really hard to become someone who doesn't judge others and I believe we are all equal. Don't hide away from the world who you truly are whether that is sexuality, your career or anything else because these often turn out the best the strongest best parts of you.

You can't control the fact that you are poorly and it is easy to hate on your body as much as possible but you should still try really hard to love yourself. You will never really love GP but you can love who you are. You should love yourself more in a way. you go through so much each day you are a warrior be proud of your scars for it means you were stronger that whatever tried to hurt you. 

Love yourself and you will realise you don't need a relationship. However if one does come along, you are ready for it and can go in confident and be yourself because you know you are worth it Chronic illness or not! 

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