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Christmas Donation Drive

Christmas Donation Drive

Today sees the launch of our awareness films, and our Christmas donation drive. 

Our film asks the question, what is your favourite food, and how long since you had it?

As part of a drive for understanding and awareness of the struggles of our members, we will also be asking people to donate a plate!

The idea is super simple, for anyone who knows someone affected by Gastroparesis and related disorders, to donate the price of one plate of Christmas dinner to Gift UK, to continue to provide support, information, and fund research. 

Please help us with your donations and share our film and poster.

Special thanks to:

The Mill for their wonderful production team and organising the shoot, edit & production 

Aidan Gibbons
Hugo Vaghn-Hughes
Lucy Hawes
Shawn Atherton
Claire Howse

Awareness Film Launch

Awareness Film Launch

Gastro What? Gastroparesis