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TPN - Total Parenteral Nutrition FAQ's



Whats in it?

Each prescription for TPN is tailored to suit you and what your body needs. This is why the initial process requires a long hospital admission. Firstly, they need to find a balance that's right but it also has to be stable enough for you to receive a weekly supply. Here is a list of the standard formula components:

Nitrogen, glucose, lipids, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, zinc, sodium selenite, ascorbic acid & sodium chloride.


Do you still poo?

Yes! Is the simple answer but patient experience can vary. The digestive system still produces secretions such as bile and acids which need to be excreted. Those who eat small amounts may experience normal stools but less frequently and those with no oral intake are more likely to experience watery motions.


Can you go on holiday?

Yes! If you can get a fit to fly letter from your consultant you can go pretty much anywhere with enough planning! You will need to consider insurance and extra baggage allowance for medical equipment first though. Also, if you need to infuse during the flight you will need to make this clear when booking, and throughout airport controls (you should have this included in your fit to fly letter to avoid confusion). The feed companies ie BUPA, Calea etc can have your supplies sent directly to your destination given enough notice, which makes things much easier but you must have someone to store and/or collect them responsibly.

TPN - Total Parenteral Nutrition

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