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Gastroparesis friendly diets - Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet:

One way to help reduce the amount of work your stomach has to do is to liquidise or puree your food. Liquids are known to pass through the stomach faster than solids in most cases. If you feel confident enough, try to use the low FODMAP food groups to make your pureed meals. Play around with the consistency too by adding extra stock, or for sweet foods, try adding coconut milk to thin it down or ginger for nausea. Remember though, thinning the foods down will reduce the calorie content. If you are making smoothies and shakes, get yourself a portable drinks cup so that you can sip feed throughout the day to top up on those precious calories! 

There is a whole host of supplemental drinks, desserts and soups available on prescription which can be used as a sole source of nutrition or as part of an adapted diet. Speak to your GP or dietitian.

Below, are some helpful videos with tips on how to increase your calorie intake when taking a supplemented diet.


Fortified Milk / Milkshake

Trust a Dietitian - watch our Trust dietitians as they show you how to make a fortied milkshake another way of taking in additional calories to support your dietary requirements.

High Calorie Ice-Cream

Trust a dietitian - watch our Trust dietitians show you how to make a high calorie ice cream if you need to take in more calories and would like an alternative to supplements.

Gastroparesis friendly diets - Probiotics

Gastroparesis friendly diets - Low FODMAP