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Gastroparesis friendly diets - Probiotics


Patients with slow gut transit and gastroparesis often suffer from Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). This is basically a build up of "bad" bacteria in the gut. This causes distension, bloating and nausea, which adds to the severity of symptoms experienced by so many. Redressing the balance of bacteria can help reduce some of these symptoms.


Now, when we say "probiotics" we don't mean a bottle of Yakult! Patients with SIBO require much larger doses of "good" bacteria ever contained in a supermarket drink. VSL#3 is the one we recommend. You can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy but it may need to be ordered in smaller stores. It is possible to get it on prescription but the prescribing guidelines vary across the uk and your gp may decline to prescribe it. It costs roughly £13.00 for two weeks supply. 


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