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All things tube - Tube Maintenance

Got a Clog?

Tube blockages can be a troublesome problem with fine bore tubes! It is important to keep it clean and clog free by flushing them regularly with sterile water.

If a blockage occurs here are a few tips we've picked up along the way!

Try using a smaller syringe, They create greater pressure within the tube and can force the clog through. Always check with a professional to make sure the tube can tolerate the pressure... ask what minimum size syringe the tube will withstand!


Try using lukewarm water


Fizzy Water!

The bubbles in the water help to lift food particles from the tube surface.


Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with sterile water

This creates a more powerful fizz and has often done the trick in times of desperation.  


Clog Zapper!

This can be obtained through your dietitian but it can be hard to get hold of in certain areas.



A digestive enzyme that can be flushed into the tube to break down the clogs. It comes in capsules which need to be mixed with lukewarm water.



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