We are delighted to continue our awareness campaign with something very special from Gift Member Jackie. When we asked what Gift UK means to her we didn't expect such a heartfelt response. We won't say anymore we'll let Jackie do the talking.

Awareness Film Launch

Super exciting day today, after 6 months of hard work, we can finally release our awareness film. 

Big thanks to Gift UK members; Natalie, Rachael, Jackie, Sophie, Sue, Becky, Becky, Ashely and Tom for taking part in the film, being brave and telling it as it is. 

Christmas Donation Drive

The idea is super simple, for anyone who knows someone affected by Gastroparesis and related disorders, to donate the price of one plate of Christmas dinner to Gift UK, to continue to provide support, information, and fund research. 

So lets begin with a simple question? Do you remember the last time you had a stomach bug? The last time you had food poisoning? Or the time where you could not stop vomiting? Maybe the time you had the flu? Where you lacked energy unable to do anything? All of theses are what patients with gastroparesis live with daily. It is like a stomach bug, food poising or the flu that never goes away.

I have had a feeding tube for over three years. Gastroparesis and intestinal dysmotility mean my stomach no longer functions and my small intestine does not absorb nutrients well. Having a feeding tube that bypasses my stomach and delivers a partially digested solution into my small intestine ensures my body can still get essential nutrients, calories and fluid. Without my feeding tube I would not be alive.

GIFT is a little different


Welcome, come in and make yourself at home.

If you type Gastroparesis into Google,  you will get a whole list of different websites all with similar brief pages. Most of them will tell you what GP is, what the symptoms are and the very limited treatments that are available.


True self-love is hard to achieve in the world that we live in and we forget that as humans we are not perfect we have flaws, tonnes of them in fact. However you also have so much that is amazing about you, nobody does you like you do.

The ground beneath my feet moved suddenly. That comforting grey pavement started to crack and give way beneath me. Terror rose through my body and suddenly I was falling. Faster and faster it getting darker and darker, I was going so quickly, everything blurred into one. When I finally stopped falling, I landed on unfamiliar and uneven ground.

Meeting People

Once you decide you want to try and find a romantic relationship, don't let your body get in your way, you are amazing and deserved to be loved. This is where Self Love can play a big part in starting to make you realise not to settle for anything but the best.