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If you type Gastroparesis into Google,  you will get a whole list of different websites all with similar brief pages. Most of them will tell you what GP is, what the symptoms are and the very limited treatments that are available.


True self-love is hard to achieve in the world that we live in and we forget that as humans we are not perfect we have flaws, tonnes of them in fact. However you also have so much that is amazing about you, nobody does you like you do.

The ground beneath my feet moved suddenly. That comforting grey pavement started to crack and give way beneath me. Terror rose through my body and suddenly I was falling. Faster and faster it getting darker and darker, I was going so quickly, everything blurred into one. When I finally stopped falling, I landed on unfamiliar and uneven ground.

Meeting People

Once you decide you want to try and find a romantic relationship, don't let your body get in your way, you are amazing and deserved to be loved. This is where Self Love can play a big part in starting to make you realise not to settle for anything but the best.