Help for Partners

As patients we are so lucky to have so many people who are supporting us and helping us deal with this and feel better. Carers, especially those who look after patients with Invisible Chronic Illness don't have much support at all. They may have a job yet still spend their nights picking you up off the bathroom floor at 3am and still get up for work the next day. Its difficult and because we are poorly they can feel like they don't want to burden us with their problems. There are a few things they can do for support.

Why not sit the rest of the people who are close to you down and ask them to help if you should need looking after and your other half isn't around. They cant do anything if you don't ask them too and you will probably find people far more willing than you expect.

Just because you are poorly, it doesn't mean they are, make sure they go out and let off some steam when they need to and however they need to.

We do have a GIFT carers and parents group that is still small but growing slowly, there are also the main groups where they can post and ask questions if you are both comfortable with that.

Let them know that they can talk to you about how they are feeling. You may not love what they are saying but try to see it from their point of view.

There will be support in your local area if you ask your GP or have a quick look on Google and look into what is available

Take it one day at a time and try to work it out together. Remember how much each of you do and be grateful for that.

We hope that this may come in handy at some point if you feel you need more support or places to look for it. 


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