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Things you can do to help your Relationship

Things you can do to help your Relationship

Today we wanted to share a few of the tips people have learnt that can really help your relationship. We hope you find them useful and if you have any other suggestions please leave them below so we can all talk about this and share our experiences together.

- Communication.

You need to kick all lines of communication open. Not just talking but written or through music, any way you like really to get your feelings across and what you are comfortable doing. You have to be able to listen and really take what they say on board. It might not always be easy but keep doing it and you will find it gets better over time, don't give up.

- Honesty

Sometimes the truth seems like the hardest thing to take. It is hard to lay yourself out there vulnerable and open. What ever you say and whatever you feel first be honest with yourself and those around you. Yes the truth may sting a little but it is easier in the long run and it works both ways. Also let me point out at this point that sometimes because you are poorly people may try to shield you or wrap you in cotton wool but you need to make sure they are not treating you like you are fragile all the time.

- Time

Make as much time for each other as you can. Werther it be a few minutes at night where you sit and have a quick catch up or you go away for the whole day. Life can get overwhelming and GP can be exhausting and the only drawback is that where ever yo go GP goes and it is never too far away. I hope you have times where you can just block it all out and your body lets you do that. Make it all about the two of you alone, no phones and doing something you love if that is walking round Blackpool or a Beautiful park then do that. Just enjoy each others company.

- Have Fun

You have a really high pressured world most of the time so make the most of the fun you can. Be ridiculous, laugh till your face hurts and blow off some steam. No matter where you are you can always find something to do or laugh about, there was many a time Jo and I nearly got chucked out the hospital from laughing to loudly because we would always get carried away. It is another way to escape for a little while.

- Appreciate Each Other

It is so easy to get all caught up in the bad, sad and stressful parts of life you forget you enjoy your life with the person that you love so much. Don't let this change you, focus on each other and love them for who they are. If you feel grateful for them or if they make you smile then tell them that. Show them how special they are to you don't just tell them and remember to love them and put them first.


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