Meeting People


Once you decide you want to try and find a romantic relationship, don't let your body get in your way, you are amazing and deserved to be loved. This is where Self Love can play a big part in starting to make you realise not to settle for anything but the best.

I know that it can seem like a very daunting thing. How will you meet someone if you hardly ever go out but you would be surprised. You can meet someone anytime, any where.


One of our lovely members Gail and her partner

One of our lovely members Gail and her partner

I remember I used to watch my friend Gwen out her make up on even if we were just going to the shops. I asked her why and her reply was that you never knew who you might meet or where you might end up going so she wanted to look ready for it. I'm not saying you have to put make up on to meet someone because you and Gwen are all beautiful without make up. Use make up to enhance your features not as a battle shield. 

You might meet someone in Tesco doing your weekly shop or a chance meeting in a coffee shop. then there is also the world of friends of friends who can set you up and that's always fun. If you want love and are ready for it then you should be putting yourself out there when you can. 

You could even do online dating which has worked for so many people including my Dad and his Wife who met online over 12 years ago now. You get to see if you have any sort of connection with them before going to meet them but as always be careful and be safe.


Another member Dawn and her Partner

Another member Dawn and her Partner

It will probably happen when you least expect it which is a clique but a true one! 

Read. Share. Educate.

stephan roux