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Just Because You Can't See It

Just Because You Can't See It

Just Because You Can't See It

Just because you can't actually see how I feel, 
It Doesn't make all my symptoms any less real. 
It's amazing what makeup and a smile can hide, 
But it would be a different story if you could see inside. 

My body I'm supposed to trust is letting me down,
It sometimes feels like If I don't escape I will drown. 
But that isn't an option I will never get to leave,
The only holiday I get is playing make believe.

That I will wake up and this will all of been a dream, 
My tubes won't exist I will have back my self-esteem. 
But this is as real as anything is ever going to get,
And life is too short to waste time and have regrets. 

So somehow you have to learn to live with the pain, 
Remember to keep dancing in the middle of the rain.
That today right now is a time we won't get back,
So whatever happens you will get back on track. 

It might not be the road you always dreamed about, 
You never really know how your future will pan out.



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