GIFT, Gastroparesis & Intestinal Failure Trust, is a UK Charity group, focusing on patient support and fundraising for research.



We are a charity for patients .. By patients 

We aim to provide reliable information and resources to all our members. We write from the heart, and tell our own personal stories. We want the world to know what it's really like to live with Gastroparesis, to help others know they are not alone. In hope of changing some of the common misconceptions in health care today.

We are still a small organisation and our running costs are low. This allows us to donate a large proportion of our fundraising directly to research into gastric motility disorders at the Wingate Institute, London and similar projects throughout the UK.

To date GIFT has raised in the region of £27,000* towards research and patient support. With your help we could do so much more!

*Total last updated 5/7/2019



A Brief History

Founded in 2012 by Natalie Roux-Bean and Rachel Stott, after their own battles with Gastroparesis. GIFT was created when the girls met through the American support group G-Pact. After years of feeling alone, they shared their experiences.

Knowing someone else understood was half the battle, but that was not enough! Understanding that there must be others living with the condition in the UK, they decided to do something to help. GIFT was born! An online support group and educational resource for anyone, be it patient, carer or professional.

Through online resources and social media the group has helped hundreds of people find support, information and understanding from those who really know.